Industrial waste water can be particularly challenging to treat effectively due to the range of pollutants present and the variation in physical properties, such as volume, flow rate and temperature. In many cases, systems often require regular maintenance due to the nature of the effluent being treated.

As part of the John F Hunt Group, we have direct access to in-house engineering, construction and operational resources, enabling us to design, build, install and manage systems to suit the exact requirements of your process.

From off-the-shelf temporary units to sizable permanent systems treating large effluent volumes and wide ranges of pollutant types, our water technology teams protect both your project and the environment.


Experience Includes:

Food producers – from small-scale batch production to large-scale factory processes

Oil and gas

Chemical production

Manufacturing processes

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Support services

we can provide the industrial sector:

Pre-construction – development of water management plans, permitting support, optioneering, training

Construction phase – installation, operation, maintenance of equipment; compliance support

Post-construction – demobilisation, environmental reporting

Pumping equipment hire, installation, operation and project management.

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