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John F Hunt Water Technology is an integral part of John F Hunt Regeneration and specializes in the advanced management of water-related challenges in brownfield sites. Leveraging cutting-edge pumping and treatment technologies, we efficiently mitigate contamination issues, ensuring compliance with stringent environmental regulations.


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We focus on precise data from initial assessments, innovative water treatment solutions, and robust pumping systems, all integrated seamlessly to address the unique demands of brownfield land rehabilitation. With a focus on scientific precision and technical excellence, we deliver tailored, effective solutions for even the most complex water-related concerns in brownfield remediation and redevelopment.



  • Safe improvement of contaminated, land and groundwater
  • Site specific risk assessments, option appraisals, remediation design and implementation
  • Soil and groundwater remediation
  • Complex earthworks to facilitate ground water and water course improvement
  • Validation and regulatory approvals


Water Solutions

The Water Technology team provide safe and effective remedial solutions where water courses or contaminated ground water is an issue due to heavy industrial legacy, construction, or mismanagement of sites or factories.

With minimal environmental, ecological and archaeological impact, this ensures certainty of outcome for all project stakeholders as we support strategically important regeneration schemes.

Brownfield remediation can also involve the redirection of rivers or bodies of water to enable the cleansing of the surrounding contaminated land.


and Ecology

  • Legacy sites including former gasworks requiring complex soil and groundwater remediation.
  • Agrochemical, petrochemical and manufacturing works, former landfills and MOD sites
  • Identification and safeguarding of protected species, water courses and landscaping.

Former industrial locations are often polluted with hydrocarbons, heavy metals, fertilizers and asbestos which pose a risk to the health of contractors and residents of any future development.

Fuels such as petrol, diesel and kerosene as well as oils such as lubricating oil, engine oil can be found on brownfield sites as part of their industrial heritage. Other organic compounds such as chlorinated solvents, creosote and tar may also be present as a result of particular industrial activities which have been undertaken in a previous life.

Groundwater remediation is a process used to treat polluted water, either by removal or conversion into a cleansed, environmentally safe medium. This is strictly regulated and controlled by the Environment Agency.

Water Technologies working in conjunction with the Pumping Division and John F Hunt Regeneration, provide a range of services to carry out remediation to contaminated Brownfield and demolition sites and prepare them for the re-development phase.



Mine water Treatment

Gasholder dewatering and treatment

Groundwater treatment using chemical addition, filtration, separation, absorption and air stripping

Landfill leachate treatment

Lagoon silt clearance and treatment

Centrifuge sludge collection and treatment for lagoons, lakes ponds and rivers.

Under One Roof

Comprehensive Remediation Packages

Water Technologies can provide you with a complete remediation package from consultancy to sampling and testing, excavation, treatment, re-deposit, re-grading and waste disposal. Our experience enables us to give advice and ensures the most suitable and cost effective remediation method is used.  Upon completion we will prepare a report on works carried out, supported by technical drawings, test and monitoring data and photographic evidence.

Some of Our

Treatment Techniques

Depending upon circumstances, the techniques used for treating ground water are:

In-situ treatment – involving chemical oxidation, soil vapour extraction and air sparging. Extraction and Disposal.

Extraction and Disposal.

Pump and Treat – pumping the water to an onsite treatment facility that we have set up on site, and chemically cleansing the water before its safe return.



In Their Field

Our in-house Water Technology teams of Engineers, Doctors and Chemists are experts in their field and can therefore solve problem water issues by using techniques to treat effluent volumes and wide ranges of pollutant types, protecting your redevelopment project, the environment and giving you peace of mind.

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