Flygt H 5150

The troubleshooters from Flygt

Slurry sumps can be a headache. Pumps wear hard and fast. They need service between maintenance intervals. And to make matters worse, the sumps fill up with sediment.

Cantilever pumps are often not up to the task. We know, because that’s when Xylem gets the call: When an installed slurry pump is struggling to do its job.

They just run

The Flygt 5000 series of slurry pumps is different. Following a planned maintenance schedule, the Flygt pumps work in even the coarsest, heaviest slurries and keep sumps solids free. As one plant engineer says, ”They just run!”


Product Features

  • Easy to transport
  • Features a sweptback impeller design to achieve a homogeneous flow
  • Hard-Iron wear parts
  • Slurry seal system
  • Internal cooling option
  • Flood-proof ​


5150 300 5150 350
Voltage, V 230-600 460-600
Rating, hp (kW) 45-70 (34-52) 85-105 (63-78)
Rated current, A 40-80, 102-137 78-121
Discharge Ø, in 4″ 6″
Strainer hole, in (mm) 1 3/8″ (36) 1 3/8″ (36)
Max height, ft’ in” (mm) 4’7″ (1410)  5′ (1537)
Max width, in (mm) 34″ (875) 34″ (875)
Weight, lbs (kg) 1290 (585) 1800 (817)
Internal cooling
External cooling
Warm liquid 70°C
Ex version


5100 Series Performance

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